Do you already have some plans for summer this year?

What’s more, from Munich you can also take a short one day trip to town called Salzburg, that is famous as is on the UNESCO list! As you can see, there are plenty to do when you get there!
Another holiday suggestions is even less obvious than the previous one. We suggest you to take flights to Belarus. Many individuals think that Belarus has nothing special to offer as well as it is too close to think about it as a real holiday. However, this attitude is also a big mistake ( Belarus is frequently called as “lungs of Europe” because of its unique landscape.
Author: Paul Sableman
So, it is a great place to rest in the surrounding of gorgeous forests or lakes. Moreover, the capital city, Minsk, is a great place to become familiar with complex Soviet history. It is enough to say about famous Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which will show you wooden shelters, tanks, stories of partisan soldiers and their families. In consequence, do not hesitate any longer. Select the most convenient flights to Belarus and enjoy your off the beaten track summer.
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