Two inspirations for unforgettable weekend trips

You do not have to wait for holidays to visit a new country. There are many spots all around Europe which are just splendid for a weekend trip! One of such places is Copenhagen, the second one is Riga.
Presently, there are plenty of cheap flights Copenhagen that make such trip more affordable than before. And once you are there, you will not be disappointed. There are lots of various attractions and sights that will be simply perfect for every taste and interest. E.g., if you like castles and palaces, you should absolutely visit the Kronborg Castle located in Elsinore, in the north of Copenhagen.
Author: Lars Plougmann
There is also a gorgeous Christiansborg Palace, which is located on the small island and contains the Danish Parliament and the Ministry of State ( If you enjoy shopping, you would would certainly enjoy Stroget street, which is the biggest shopping area in Copenhagen. There are many shops, from the really cheap one, to the really luxury and expensive ones. Once you are there, you should would absolutely visit Dyrehavsbakken, that is the world's oldest amusement park! Furthermore, there are plenty of excellent museums and galleries, which are just perfect for people interested in history or culture.


Ideas on where to spend this holiday

If you do not know yet where to go on your holidays this year, do not be worried. There are lots of great locations, which you can visit without spending too much on flight tickets.

One of them is located in Turkey.
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