Guns and sports equipment at the plane

Plenty of passengers that are travelling by plane, are taking regular items with them, depend on destination point. Bunch of board games, expensive liquors, warm sweaters, swimwear and many others. But some men and women like to have a special type of luggage on plane with them. Sports equipment like windsurfing or snowboard, is permitted in plenty of airline corporations. The same is with weapons. But if you wish to take some of it to the airplane, you must to know some regulations about it.

Sports equipment
A lot of voyagers are traveling by plane to some exotic resorts for holidays. They are planning to take a sun baths there, and probably go for scuba diving or surfing. At the winter break, plenty of tourist are heading to Austrian Alps for ski or snowboard, even some of them are flying there by plane. Airline corporations are ready to serve all those sports admirer, by allowing them to get all necessary sports equipment to the plane. Unfortunately, for most of it you need to buy an additional luggage, cause register baggage won't be enough. Then, you should to pack it properly before the journey (check this page). For example, you need to remove any air from wheels of your bike, also you must to unhook a handlebar and stick it with your wheels, and at the and, pack your vehicle into special cardboard. In oxygen bottle of your scuba diving equipment, you also have to remove an air, and switch off all the lamps. If you are a windsurfer, you need to make sure that your chosen carrier permit for board in their airplane, before your journey, cause couple corporations are forbidding it.

If you are an admirer of any sort of weapons, sometimes you wish to take any on your trip, even by airplane. There are few laws you have to know before you book your flights, if you wish to keep it after crossing check-in area. The most important law is that there are no possible method that anyone will allowed you to get your pistol to your hand bag. Even plastic weapons created for children are strictly prohibited outside the cabin Forty-eight hours before your flight, at least, you have to dial helpline of your airline company to warn them about your special equipment.
Also, you need to take all weapon licences for single piece and bullets you are having, and you can't take more then five kilograms of it. You can't put if in your checked luggage, you have to buy additional one, dedicated for hazardous objects.

In case of some extraordinary luggage you may want to take to the airplane, will be preferred if you contact with your airline company before reserving your ticket, and ask if it is allowed. Cause different corporations have different rights. Equipment that is let in one carrier, could be forbidden in another one. So make sure you are getting all data you require before your flight, otherwise you could have some unpleasant surprises.
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