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A lot of Polish people, like to have a longer weekend out of city, especially in time of the summer. When you're one of them, you have to think about city break alternative. It is really great idea for all of us, who don't have plenty of time to journey, but who wish to visit some interesting areas. Here are two alternatives accurate for a lot of travelers.
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When you like cheap flights Brussels is the best for you. This metropolis of Belgium is really popular area, mainly when a lot of Polish individuals are laboring in there. Because of that, we are able to find really cheap flights - LOT Polish Airlines -, sold by small airline carriers. Possibly it isn't one of the most popular tourist destinations in entire Europe, but you will be charmed about this place (by this author). It has very beautiful architecture, cause Brussels were really wealth almost during it whole history. Also, during the World War II it was not ruined, so you are able to admire in there even the oldest buildings, renovated very well. Maybe it isn't very cheap location for Polish wallet, but you wouldn't regret this journey.


The best travel destinations for an active people

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Probably the most famous way to spend a holidays is to lay whole day on a seashore and getting sun baths. That's why many of individuals are traveling to exotic resorts, where all beaches are amazing and plenty of entertainments are available.

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Another good idea for enthusiasts of cheap flights Frankfurt is. Every person who are admirer of secular architecture should appreciate it. Frankfurt for decades was the most relevant merchant district, so a lot of wealthy townsmen use to live in there ( Because of that, now we can admire astonishing Gothic buildings, most of theme are secular. It is very rare in Old Continent, so you will admire it surely. Beside, you can get really cheap flights to this place, just remember to book your trip earlier.
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