Where to fly for long weekend?

Year by year an idea of city break is getting more famous among Polish tourists. Right now, we like to travel a lot more then just for summer vacations. That's why, if longer weekend is coming, we can use that fate to visit any interesting city in Europe.

Which place is worth to be seen?



The most relevant phenomenons of the beautiful Santorini isle

santorini luxury hotels
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Santorini, called the Devil's Island, is the southernmost rocky island of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. The high season starting with a gentle spring in April finishes only in November.

The main town of Netherlands is very famous right now, especially when plenty of Polish inhabitants transferred there for labor. Amsterdam is very beautiful place, with pretty landscape and plenty of extraordinary buildings. In there you will be able to go to Red Light District, which is entirely legal in this land. In there you can observe pretty women siting by the window and looking for their customers. Another nice spot to see will be Rijskmuseum, some of the biggest art gallery in entire world. It's famous mainly because of Dutch geniuses, such as Rembrandt, van Eyck or also Bosch. If you are fascinated by history you should not miss a tour to Ann Frank's House. It's a place, where this small child used to hide from Nazis in time of last war. But even simple walk trough the vintage part of an Amsterdam will be amazing experience. Entire city is filled with nice bridges, placed above the river.

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Author: Rintal Polska
Source: Rintal Polska

Next great capital in to travel to is Budapest. That Hungarian city is packed with amazing buildings, constructed in many different styles. At start you have to for the trip to the old town, with amazing Royal Castle placed on a tall mountain.

It was a main residence of Hungarian overlords, today most of the rooms are opened for visitors. Another great building in that area of town is Fisherman Tower, great instance of Romanesque Revival epoque.
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