The phenomenon of medical tourism and the part of Poland in its considerable development

Travel to another country only to heal teeth or improve their appearance? Dental tourism expands and many foreign tourists go to get a beautiful toothing to Poland.

Author: fdecomite

How is it that Polish dental centers appeal to clients even from the other side of the ocean?

The number of people searching for medical services out of their state is likely to exceed 780 million in the current year and the financial worth of the medical touristry market is estimated at $100 billion €. A relevant part of this is attributed to dental services, for which Poland is beginning to be an important player in Europe. As reported by analysts, the aging generations, the longer life expectancy, and the improving understanding of one's own condition and available treatments rise the request for high-quality medical services. Looking for a honest price often requires going abroad. Between the most popular sectors of the medical touristry are the following: plastic surgery, cardiology and dentistry. Recently in improvement of dental tourism Poland has been a leader in its geographic zone. In company with the Czech Republic and Hungary our country is the most relevant dental center in the Central Europe. The costs of treatment at a reputable clinic in Poland are comparable to those of an ordinary clinic abroad.

Therefore, patients prefer to treat themselves for similar money in Poland and be assured that the healing will be performed at a high level with a guarantee of durable effects. Polish clinics are prepared to provide quality services to foreign patients, and at significantly lower rate than in the West.
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