Where to travel for future vacation?

When we like to spare plenty of money at vacations, we need to organize it several months earlier. Because of that we'll be able to localize decent offers on airline tickets, accommodation or options in travel offices.

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But nowadays, because of really big amount of options, it's hard to select any place nice. If you want to have an ideal time you need to know first, what is the most relevant for You.

Travel to big city

The most common idea is to go for vacation to any resort by the sea. Surely, this alternative is really great, but after several days beach could be boring. People who wish to take a cruise around any interesting attractions need to choose a trip to some of European metropolis, situated close to the sea side. There're many options like that to check: Barcelona, Athens and Rome for instance. All of those places are old and beautiful, you'll find in each many heritages. Beside all of this capitals are linked with sea side really nicely. You just have to take a public pub, and after couple dozens of minutes you will have a chance to enjoy the sea. You may also reserve an accommodation by the beach and only take couple of trips to the metropolis center - it's up to you!

Nice weekend in Scandinavia

Also very big number of tourists does not care of the seaside and enjoying the weather. For them next vacation is ideal chance to see some decent, northern places, that are really cold during rest of the year.

Very nice instance is Iceland, and Sweden, cold but amazing destinations with very hospitable people and amazing landscapes. Thanks to cheap airline companies you can travel to each of those countries for a penny!
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