Amazing vacations in European capital

When we're organizing next vacations, in most of situations we better like to visit any southern land, to waste whole day on a beach, getting tan and drink tasty cocktails.

However we do not have too many days off at work, therefore we may just have one holidays like that during the year. Luckily we may also try city break alternative.

Author: Michal Goszczynski

Where to go?

This is very common concept of traveling, you just need a longer weekend off to do some sightseeing in a nice destination. Thanks to cheap airline companies you can reserve a last minute ticket for a song and enjoy an amazing time in selected destination. There're many nice destinations which you can find very attractive, especially in Europe. One of the most popular place is Barcelona, in there you may admire astonishing architecture, designed by Gaudi. The very popular monument is Sagrada Familia, interesting temple that is still unfinished. Next nice piece of architecture is Casa Mila, sophisticated house in shape of ocean's waves, decorated with little stones and glass. next interesting place to go is Paris, the city of love. It is perfect spot for romantic trip, this astonishing metropolis is stuffed with great monuments and popular art exhibitions.


How to support ourselves if we have no idea how to answer the question regards where to go on vacation in Greece?

Author: Mike Dobson
Improving number of people contemporarily tend to be interested in travelling abroad. It is connected with the fact that, first of all, thanks to spending even some time in another country we can finally rest and have some break from everything that makes us feel dissatisfied in our country. For instance if we think that people are impolite or there is a too crucial role of who we know and this is more influential than our skills, we are recommended to think about vacations. The reason why they are so recommended is that thanks to picking them we is possible to for instance learn some distance and think about different aspects of our life with an appropriate mentality.



When you want to have nice city break weekend, but you do not want to spend a lot of money, you should fallow those several steps. First of all try to search for last minute air tickets, which could be even three times less costly than usual. Another important aspect is accommodation, in bigger cities you may try in hostel.

Objects like that are usually situated close to the relevant monuments, however if you want the lowest price, you should book a place in a bigger apartment, which you'll be sharing with another travelers.
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