Arrange an ideal trip to United States

During last 10 years Polish citizens get an opportunity to travel whole around the europe, using great flights of small airline companies. That's why the old continent get too small for us, and we want to travel to different lands.

When you're fascinated by nice holidays in some popular country, you have to consider a journey to United States.


Author: Bố Tony

Before you book a plane ticket or last minute trip to United States, you need to take care of tourist visa, because still Polish citizens need that to enter this country. It'll take some time to get this document, therefore you should start preparation one year before you trip. At start reserve online an interview with American council, you will wait about couple months for the date. Next you need to visit one of embassies, situated in Warsaw or Cracow. You will have to go there in person to answer for couple of questions about your life, finances and family status. When you aren't a former criminal you shouldn't have an issue to get visa.

Author: Anja W.


If you're going to USA by yourself the most affordable flight from Poland should be to NYC. You can either find last minute tours for southern locations in that country. However, even after few days in NYC you can move to different cities, using domestic flights, which are in very reasonable price. In NYC you need to go to Manhattan, with it phenomenal skyscrapers, like Chrysler Building for example. Also, in this quarter you'll see Central Park, the biggest place of green in any American state.

From New York you should use a flight to Los Angeles and San Francisco, those cities are amazing and full with sun. From California is also simple to reach Hawaii, amazing isle with lovely beaches.
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