Organize a perfect holidays in Barcelona

Nowadays when people are arranging their future vacations there is a lot more alternatives for them to pick. Nothing weird in that, because since past decade Poland developed a lot, people get more wealthy and a lot more airline services become affordable for us.

It is sometimes difficult to choose one city, if you also got problems this kind, you better consider a trip to Barcelona.

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Reserve the cheapest ticket

This amazing city is within your reach, you only have to book a flight from any larger, Polish airfield However, the July and August are the most popular for vacations in Barcelona, so airline tickets may be expensive. If you want to travel for a song and still have a chance to visit Barcelona, you better choose another date, like June for instance. It is still very hot season, but less common, so accommodation and air jet should be much cheaper. When you wish to spare even more money do not purchase an extra piece of baggage, mainly if you are going for shorter trip. 1 piece of bag is in a price of an air jet ticket, so you can save a lot of funds.


Barcelona is probably the most amazing city in Spain, book a flight and you'll have a chance to admire spectacular architecture of Gaudi, his work is really interesting combination of medieval and Catalan style. The signature and main attraction of the city is Sagrada Familia basilica, amazing building that is still unfinished.

Another nice piece of art designed by this artists is Casa Milla, a large house designed in really bizarre shape and decorated with a lot of colourful beans and stones. The city is situated close to the seaside, so you will also enjoy some water baths in there.
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