Visit phenomenal countries during next holidays

Back in nineties, when we were arranging a holidays, in plenty of situations we were selecting some Polish resorts localized by the sea or a lake. Fortunately right now we have much more alternatives to select, thanks to big availability of affordable flights and trip offers.

Author: Barney Moss

When you're looking for a great place to explore this year, here're several ideas to try.


United Kingdom become famous after millions of Polish people move in there for labor or education.

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However on time of summer many of individuals are booking last minute tours to get there and explore amazing monuments of London. During the trip you have to explore the Westminster Palace, main quarter of English parliament. It was designed in 19th century as an alternative for past building, devastated in fire. Another great monument will be Westminster Abby, probably the largest Gothic complexes in whole area of old continent. It is very important place for royal family, they are becoming christened, coronated and buried in there.


When you are lover of amazing architecture Vienna would be finest place for you to visit, during last minute deal. Whole city is stuffed with astonishing buildings designed in past centuries. It is a home for 3 large palaces, designed in Classical style. At Belvedere you'll also be able to admire western masterpieces. In Schonbrun you will explore phenomenal gardens, which are localized around the palace. While visiting Vienna you have also good chance to enjoy interesting art galleries.

Go to Leopold Museum for artworks of finest, Austrian artists, Klimt and Schiele.

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A Mumok is sophisticated collection of latest art, it's one of very important galleries in the world right now.
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