Arrange a journey to Spain from the start

Plenty of the individuals are appreciating vacations on slow week by a seaside in any exotic location. That type of activity is nice, however if you're more active tourist it could be a bit boring.

If you want to explore as large number of attractions as possible in one week you should consider a tour across the whole Spain.

Prepare for the road

If you wish to reach Spain in very reasonable price you have to book a flights to some of it airfield. TThere're many of options available, but you better start with Barcelona. To buy the cheapest option possible you should book it as soon as possible, 6 months before the road should be great. Beside, if you are arranging a trip with a backpack you don't need to take a additional luggage, that is payable. Another relevant issue at Spain is accommodation, when you want the cheapest option go to hostels, in there shared apartments are affordable in the really reasonable price.

Author: Ted Eytan


Author: Lukas Plewnia

Touring in Spain you should begin in Barcelona, where flights are cheapest. City ispopular because of phenomenal masterpieces by Antonio Gaudi. Do not miss a tour to Sagrada Familia cathedral and the Casa Mila mansion, both really vanguard and amazing. Also, Barcelona is filled with different type of buildings, you must to explore temple of St. Eulalia for example. Another relevant metropolis in Spain is Madrid, in there architecture is simply breathtaking. One of the nicest monuments up there is Royal Castle, main residence of local overlord, on part open for tourists to explore.

At the last stop of the tour go to Seville, amazing city in the southern area of Spain. In there you may find many of instances of Arabic art, a remains from the past, adapted in the Catholic fashion.
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