Places close to you which you should visit

Tons of individuals, while planning upcoming holidays, think mainly about remote destinations. Nonetheless, there are many great holiday locations which really close. And it is unquestionably worth to visit them too!
Author: Alessandro Caproni
A for instance, there are manymarvelous cities in Poland. One of them is definitely Gdansk. If you make a decision to book your flights ( to Gdansk you would have a chance to discover this wonderful city and its history by yourself (useful site). For tons of years it was an “independent” city. Thus, it is still connected with pride as well as independence. Moreover, this is the place famous Solidarnosc was created. Those days, there is even the museum in which you can discover this fascinating history about Solidarity Movement. Other great thing about this city is its location – it is highly close to the city! Because of this, when you are sick of sightseeing: and the big city, you can simply take a bus that goes directly to the sea.

Author: Costel Slincu
Other great holiday destination which is located quite close is Hungary. Thanks to the fact that Presently, there are a lot ofcheap flights to Hungary, such trip may be as affordable as never previously - . And this country is simply wonderful!


Where you consume your holiday or weekend? Maybe you will visit West, maybe visit Poland.

Author: Tomasz Lewicki
When approaching break, all of people are arranging fantastic trip. People choose Spain, Italy, Greece. Still we truly want to something other. Country, where we could relax and see interesting monument. Maybe we have to plan travel to Poland.

Obviously, it is worth to visit Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Nonetheless, do not forget to see also other places in the country, as they might be even more exciting than capital city! e.g., there are plenty of villages where you can still observe the Hungarian tradition! One of such places is called Holloko. You might admire there the traditional buildings as well as gorgeous scenery. You would surely love with it!
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