Perfect idea for longer weekend in Europe

When small airline corporations open their connections in Poland, individuals from here start to tour all around the world. When we like, we may visit distant continents,such as Australia and America, to see our relatives. And what is the most important, we can go to different cities in Europe for a penny. Here are two alternatives to try on.

A lot of people from our country now are living in United Kingdom. When you know someone in there, or maybe just like to visit the capital, you can find airline tickets to London in really reasonable cost. And this city is very worth to be visited. It has astonishing architecture - you can take a tour around New Gothic parliament, called Westminster Palace, which use to be reconstructed after the fire in 18th century (go here). Beside, if you like really old buildings, you need to go to Tower, former jail for royal prisoners - even Mary the Suart were kept in there. If you're searching for entertainment, go to Gallery of Madame Tussauds, where you can admire the largest exhibition of wax figures.
Author: Daniel Jolivet

Another good alternative for a city break is to reserve flights to Serbia. That beautiful country, use to be forgotten by tourists, because of morbid events, that took place dozens years ago.
Author: Phillip
But nowadays, war is over, and people from Europe can enjoy magnificent monuments in there. At start, you should visit Belgrad, the min city of this country . It is one of the oldest towns in the entire world. Although entire area was ruined in the times of war, you could still notice in there few nice architecture pieces.

There are plenty of interesting areas to enjoy in Old Continent. London is very common, but plenty of Polish citizens never been there - when you don't also, you need to modify it. On the other hand we have Serbia, beautiful place with sad history, also worth to be seen.
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