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Thanks to the dynamic growth of airline business, tickets for airplane are the cheapest in history. It is good news for businessmen, travelers, and families, living thousands of kilometers. Nowadays, people from one section of Europe can meet relatives at the other section of it, convenient, cheap and quick. For instance, journey from Rome to Krakow took 2,5 hours, an by bus it will be two day cruise. Here is a history of Grazyna, 45 years old, single women from Rzeszow, which child lives in Milan.My daughter, Kamila, was every time the wisest girl in school. She have no difficulties with graduated to university, and after one year, she took part in exchange academic program in Italy. She move to Milan, initially for one year, but she met a boy there, so she stayed and finish her study there. Last summer, I went to spend vacations in Kamila's home, and I was going to meet her fiancé and his family. I was charmed by this city. After stressful flight (first in my live), Kamila took my for the tour around old town. It was very fascinating time, I felt like I am suddenly became part of EU, not just some random house wife from Rzeszow.

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I was living there for one month, Kamila was working in big company, but she took 2 weeks of, and took me to the cruise along seaside. It was fascinating. We were driving her vehicle trough highway, situated at the hill, with lovely view over the sea . We spend a day in Rome, next one in Florence, couple on Sicily and Naples. I was seeing art galleries and museums, eating delicious pastas and pizzas, walking down the old parts of those ancient towns, it was very great adventure. Also, I very loved boat trip (click for more) to Sicily Island, it was really charming. Last week of my holiday I stayed in Milan, bonding with Kamila and her fiancé.

This year, my (prospective) son in law , visited me in Rzeszow. He was really excited to see Poland, because he never been here before. Giuseppe, cause that is his name and my daughter were staying here for two and a half weeks. First few days was for adaptation, Kamila introduced Giuseppe to her colleagues, they have been at few parties. Also, we showed him old town of Rzeszow, and all of it attractions. He even said, that my home city is cutter then Milan (see). Then we spend whole week in Bieszczady, my beloved place in the world. Undeterred of my age, I am very active person, every summer
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I spend whole week with my backpack and tent, connect with nature. This time was the same, my guest proved to be true nature lover, and it was not an issue for him to sleep in a tent, as i was afraid of earlier. We were climbing at the mountains, swimming in the lake, and had a picnic in the forest. After we came back to Rzeszow, next day Giuseppe came back to Milan, and my daughter stayed with me for another week.


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When we're starting to plan our future holidays, first we are wondering about warm areas, like Spain and Greece. But not everyone of us want to stay on a beach and do nothing during whole weekend, sometimes we just need to explore some attractions.

World are getting shorter, journey, that earlier took few days, now is finished after two hours. If there was no small airline corporations, Mrs Grazyna won't be able to see her daughter much often. But now,in present, she only need to get ticket, arrive on time at airfield in Rzeszow, and after couple hours, she is in Milan hugging her daughter. It is very bright thing about airline connections.
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