Visit Poland and discover unexplored areas!

In today's world, a lot of individuals dream of spending a awesome time in a wonderful place. However, for these men and women Paris or Rome are boring locations which are also overrated. Those people seek new places which will be exclusive, sometimes crazy and certainly out of average.
One of the locations which meet the needs is Poland which is located in the heart of Europe.
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Poland is a perfect country for every individual, no matter where they reside and how old are they. There is everything for younger and old. This article will show the most important region which has a lot of destinations for different men and females – the area is called Malopolska. Malopolska is placed in south of Poland. It borders straight with the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The main town of the region is Cracow. Malopolski area has a lot to offer – here are located the highest mountains – the Tatra Mountains with the winter capital of Poland – Zakopane, there are stunning lakes, places to go skiing and moreover significant, here are also great areas which can be visited.

For those reasons, it is worth to plan a stay in the country. Here is an example of three-day trip to poland in Malopolska area.


Polish language school as your possibility to get a great job offer in the Eastern Europe

Author: Laurie Sullivan
European Union has both its strong supporters and opponents. It is so, because for plenty different people there are plenty pros and cons of being in this organization at the same time. Above all, the integration of the rising number of the countries of Europe resulted in opening of the borders. This indicates that more and more European citizens began to go through the continent for different reasons. However, the most crucial issue in this field is that a variety of them are looking for a job.

Day 1 A trip - this site - to Cracow – Cracow is a city full of surprises. It is 1 of the eldest areas in Poland but the present face of the location is also fascinating, specifically for tourists who used to visit huge cities. When it works to traditional aspect of the area, it is worth to see Wawel Castle where are buried leaders, known authors and the chairman of Poland – Lech Kaczynski who died in a plane crash in 2010.

Day 2 A day in mountains – it is a great idea to go to Zakopane even for one day. In that place it is worth to visit Kasprowy Wierch which is a high mountain. You will take a minibus to go to the cableway which will take you to the peak. If you are eager to get more: Greetingsfrompoland.

Day 3
tours to poland
Author: Kamil Rejczyk
A day in Niedzica castle – Niedzica is placed by the fake lake. Here is positioned gorgeous palace which is really worth visiting.
Malopolska part is a awesome destination for each traveller who wants to discover unexplored. Tours to poland provide many views

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