If you like food, you would like these holiday destinations

Tourists travel for any different reasons. Some of them search for marvellous landscapes, some of them search for interesting museums and historical buildings. Nonetheless, there is also another category of holiday that is starting extremely famous – it is known as food trips. The concept is pretty simple – instead of experiencing museums or culture of particular country, visitors discover new food and its cuisine. If you like that concept, there are two countries you really should visit.

The first suggestion is – take flights - lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-croatia - to france! This country is repeatedly referred to as a capital of preferredfood in the world. When you are there, you have a huge choice of simply amazing food. You absolutely gotta try famous baguettes as well as other famous pastries,
Author: Gregorio Puga Bailón
Source: http://www.flickr.com
such as pain aux chocolate (visit this page). You need to also eat French cheese. French guys love cheese thus cannot live without this. It is reflected in an enormous choice of produced cheese. You may spend hours tasting and listening about various categories of cheese! If you are a fan of food, you will obviously not be regretting booking flights to france!
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